MailChimp Subscribe / Shopify

Capture Shopify customers with MailChimp.

Process a Web Hook from Shopify and subscribe the purchaser to a specific MailChimp list.

To install, download the latest code and edit the constants at the top of mailchimp_subscribe_from_shopify.php. You’ll need your Shopify shop ID (see the Shopify wiki) and your MailChimp API key (get it from the MailChimp API dashboard).

You will also need your MailChimp list ID. You can see it in the URL when you’re viewing the list in MailChimp.

You can capture other details, like address and phone number, by updating the $shopify_field_mapping array to match your MailChimp merge fields.

Upload the web hook and the included API wrapper to your web server and wire it up in your Shopify Email & Notifications preferences.

N.B. This web hook requires PHP 5.

Copyright 2009. Distributed under the GNU General Public License 3.0.

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